meet Jamal


“If you’re looking for a coaching session like no other, you’ve come to the right place. Nadia has a vast array of knowledge to provide you with a highly personalized experience. She will work with you to delve deeper into your psyche and help you heal the untreated. If you are looking for a change look no further.”

meet Charlie

Aspiring Hypnotherapy Coach

“I highly recommend Nadia. She was easy to talk to, non-judgemental, and had a firm grasp of what she needed to do in order to help me solve my problems. She helped me work through and understand my issues in a way that I had not been able to do on my own or in therapy. Nadia was not afraid to tackle my complex issues effectively and with compassion. I look forward to my upcoming sessions with her!”

meet TJ

Podcast Host & Small Business Owner

“I just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your day to talk to me over the phone, who would’ve thought that I would’ve gotten so much clarity from one phone call?! Your level of understanding blew me away and also your level of knowledge inspires me to continue on with my journey and on the same note you gave me so much clarity to move in a direction where I felt I was not clear about. The things we spoke about are honestly life-changing so I wanted to let you know that I am super grateful and extended my appreciation for you. I feel like you reached out at the perfect time too and confirmed to me that everything happens for a reason! Seriously thank you again & I look forward to keeping in touch along the journey!”

meet Paula

Aspiring Relationship Coach

“Nadia has been my personal coach for almost a year now, and with her help, I overcame limiting beliefs and crossed some of the boundaries I erroneously settled for myself as whole truths. She helped me solve professional, personal and love issues.

I connect with her because she is very cheerful & talkative, but above all, she can feel when something is not fully resolved. Sensitivity is one of her superpowers, so be ready to be astonished and put yourself at stake (in a very positive way). Otherwise, why would you need a coach, right?”


Online Leadership Facilitator

“I had the pleasure of meeting Nadia for a coaching session, she is a caring and dedicated coach. I would recommend her services for sure, as her guidance is very assertive and helpful.”


Teacher & YouTuber

“It was a simple question:  What do you find is your biggest block.?  I answered quickly and confidently. Nadia offered her help to get me passed the block and I eagerly accepted.

We met on Zoom and discussed the particulars of my situation.  Nadia was very easy to speak to and also seemed truly interested in assisting me work out the details of my problem.

With each question Nadia would ask, it became more and more clear to me that what I thought was my problem wasn’t actually my problem at all.  And once Nadia held me accountable by asking for a date that I would have my first attempt completed – it was clear to me that my true block wasn’t the details of the project, but rather my own fear that the project wouldn’t be successful.

During our session we had discussed that I had accomplished this task before and didn’t get the desired results.  This created a fear of failure for me, causing me to be hesitant to try again. If it weren’t for the session with Nadia I would still be hanging on to the “problem” instead of facing my fear and trying again.

Thank you, Nadia, for helping me to see the true issue and allowing me to see the options I have moving forward.”

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